Friday, October 7, 2011

What is Sailor Moon Galaxies?

Right now its not much more then a pipe dream of a gamer who would love to combine my love of MMORPG's with my love of Anime.  I know on the internet alone there is many who come up with ideas for mmo's and even more for anime specific ones. But I am honestly brainstorming a world where fans of the Sailor Moon series can live out their fantasies of being a cosmic sailor senshi. I know that its a long shot due to copy right but I Hope that by using this blog showing the ideas I have so far will help get the ball rolling. I would definitely pay to play a game like this.  Each day I will try to update this page with ideas for Sailor Moon Galaxies with the hopes that one day the dream will come to fruition.

Sailor Moon Galaxies- An mmo representing the eternal struggle between the light and darkness, sailors of the galaxies both good and evil battle over time and space for control of the galaxy.

The basic lay out will be the various districts of Japan it is where the series started and stretch all the way to various planets for cosmic sized battles.  The game will feature several areas and have a good guys vs villain style to it. Along with pvp zones and pve zones for those who just want to battle bosses and lose themselves in the Lore of the sailor moon stories.

Here are two opening lines from each side of the game:

Opening hero message-

I am Serenity Queen of Crystal Tokyo. Long ago I held the duties of a guardian senshi Sailor Moon. In my finger tips the power of the moon and cosmos and healing threw love and understanding. Along with my fellow Sailor Senshi and my beloved Endymion, I protect my home the Earth and the outlying cosmos from evil but the fight rages on. Crossing time and space in a never ending battle with the dark forces who threatens to destroy everything we hold dear. I implore you to tap into your inner warrior and join us in our fight against Chaos find your planetary and cosmic path and aspire to become one of the protectors of the Galaxy!

Opening villain message-

"I am the darkness, within me stretches out true power that engulfs the very cosmos. The children of the light under the Queen of the Neomoon will have you fooled, their longevity all thanks to a little trinket. But their time of reign will come to an end, join me and my dark ranks and help us reshape this cosmos into our image! The time to change the ebb of the universe is at hand, we are true power true might and our time to rule the galaxy has come. Join me Queen Chaos and my Lords and Ladies of the dark kingdom, rise from the ranks of mere Youma To General of the dark kingdom forces. Together we will turn this galaxy into one of pure darkness and snuff out the false prophecy of the children of light!"

Here is a quick run down of  paths for heroes and villains to be updated daily.
Choose your path Sailors, Galaxy defenders- Each path has a mentor who will guide you and open up skill paths that only they know.

Healing- Mentors, Moon, Endymion (tuxedo mask) Saturn, Star Healer

DPS- Uranus,  Star fighter, Vesta

Buff/Tactics-Neptune, Pluto, Chibi moon, Star Maker,

Tank- Jupiter, Venus, Juno,  Ceres

Technician- Mercury, Pallas, Queen Selenity*

Prophet- Mars (more to be added to this mentor path soon)

Queen Selenity's hologram on the moon base would be a mentor to chosen Mercury knights who excel in crafting, they would be able to open com links via their mini computers directly to the silver millennium palace.

Choose your path dark kingdom/chaos-

Essence collectors (anti healers)
- Jadeite(Evil form), Beryl,

DPS- Galaxia (evil form) Nephrite (evil form) Sailor Tin nayko Sailor Aluminum crow, Chaos* (availible only to high level villians that prove their worth and recieve lord/lady title) Prince Diamond, Emerald, Rubeus.

Buff/tactics- Zorcite (evil form) Pharoh 90, Tellulu, Memet

Tank- Kundzite (evil form) tigers eye, cyproll (twins)

Technician- Prince Saphire, Eudial, Viluy, Professor Tomoe
Prophet- Kaori knight, Zelenia, DEAD MAN.

**some of the evil npcs will have good counterparts in a storyline where they struggle between both sides**

Hero Ranks- Trainee, solider, protector, star senshi, cosmic senshi, senshi eternal

Villian ranks- Youma, Witch/Warlock, General of darkness, Knight of Chaos, Lord or Lady of the dark kingdom.

Mentor classes- So you don't wish to play just a humanoid or monster type? Become a Mentor pick your planet be it feline from meiu, crow, spirit or ghost you will receive powers and the ability to guide the side you choose to victory.

Neko warrior npc trainer Luna/ Artemis, junior trainer Diana

Feathered prophets- Phobos/ Deimos

Spirit guides- choose the path of an inner spirit being you may take on a humanoid or construct shape (IE weapon or sacred relic to guide your ally. (Hero only)

Ghost- Though fallen these spirits would not move on and recide to give tips to their allies on how to destroy their enemy! (Villain only)

Coming next post- Area's by level and quests/ start gear/ armor ideas and craft ideas.